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Dashboard Confessional Is Coming Back



Good news, folks: Dashboard Confessional is coming back. Check out a tweet from Chris Carrabba below after the jump.

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did a quick review of

Dawg by Slaughter Beach


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August 30 2014
First GPC/Stood Show of 2014

quite possibly the most important pop-punk act out there currently. put out one of the best albums of 2014. 

nyc warm and fuzzy indie-pop. another one of the best albums of 2014.

electronic/pop from gabby smith (told slant / frankie cosmos), on tour with bellows!

dancy indie rock from nearby, first show since a member started actually going here, new record out soon on evil weevil.

AUG. 30 2014





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Check out this piece Nina Braca wrote for The Le Sigh about Nine of Swords!

Have you ever made a decision that you know is going to end up being awful in the end, but you do it anyway? These lyrics from Nine of Swords’ newest release perfectly embodies that feeling: “It’s the last thing I want but the first thing I take / you make me so sick I can’t stand my own face”. I’m reminded of being in middle school, doing things that everyone else was doing but secretly hating everyone and myself for it. I wish this song was around in 2006 to save me from those awkward pre-teen decisions – I probably would have learned a lot from this album back then.
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yo i wrote this check it out!!!
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my review of nine of swords is up and kickin’ at the le sigh 

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Q and A with 


"So we went inside this very tiny space it was between the main building and the outside and just shotgun beers…"

EDIT: Modern Baseball has just announced they are putting up their album “Sports” for the low price of whatever you can give on bandcamp go and get it each and every one of ya 

I have been meaning to post this for like 2 months and just got around to it today. This is a slightly more extended (AKA there is more talk of shotgunning beers and tattoos) version of the interview I did for The Load, where it was originally published. I did this interview in April when Modern Baseball came to perform at Culture Shock. (wooo yeah)  They are playing their last show with Tiny Moving Parts, The Hotelier and Sorority Noise TONIGHT so I thought this was a good time to post it. (ps if you haven’t seen them live yet go like right now seriously I’m not kidding.)

EEnJoyyY ~~~~

Nina Braca: How do you feel you’ve changed in the last year?

Brendan Lukens: I’ve lost weight…and we’ve definitely gotten better at our instruments.

Jake Ewald: Yeah.

BL: We are now road warriors, we understand the concept of time.  I think we just got better at what we were doing okay at.

JE: It’s pretty much the same stuff but we definitely feel more comfortable doing it. 

NB: So where do you think you’ll be within the next year?

BL: Not even sure. We just announced a tour in June with Tiny Moving Parts, The Hotelier and Sorority Noise, and once we get back from that we go to school and then…school is just has tag school so we’ll she what happens. 

NB: Are you going to be seniors?

BL: I am officially a super senior because I took off term to go on The Wonder Years Tour.

JE: And I’ll be a junior.

NB: What are you studying?

BL: Communucations.

JE: Music recording. 

NB: At Drexel right?

BL: Yes.

JE: Indeed, our stomping grounds. 

NB: Do you have any tattoos?

BL: I have this tattoo, its  shield and it says AG in it, which stands for American Gigger, like someone who gigs or plays shows. 

JE: I have this little hammer thing on my arm from Shawshank Redemption

BL: Its funny cause like Sean has the tattoos of the band.

NB: So what has your impression of Purchase been?

BL: We like it! Its cool.

JE: Very pretty, cool kids. 

NB: When its a little bit nicer out its a lot better to be hanging out around here.

JE: We go to school in Philly which is just like piss in the streets.

BL: So this is very nice!

NB: A lot of people complain about the brick buildings. 

BL: Thats what I love! I’m from suburbs of Pennsylvania, like outside Philly, so the trip to do when we were young was Gettysburg, so whenever I see any stone walls it brings me back…hashtag brings me back.  And we are both from Maryland, we went to high school in maryland and harpers ferry is like right there so all this stuff is nice. 

NB: So you just released You’re Gonna Miss It All earlier this year.  Do you have plans for recording again?

BL: We are definitely gonna sit on [this album] but we also discussed doing things with close friends. We are definitely gonna chill on this record, we love the songs.

NB: What are your favorite song from the record? 

BL: All of them honestly.  Favorite songs to play live…I really like to play Charlie Black. 

NB: What was it like being on tour with The Wonder Years? 

BL: We went on to that tour, me and Jake specifically, being like, we’ve listened to this band since 9th grade. So we like freaked out.  And they are the most incredible people. They actually taught us things.  It was incredible. 

JE: It was like a big brother experience. We did this tour in a van, and they had been in that position for so long, they were just like touring in a van for so long but now they are more successful and play bigger places but they still have the mentality that they are like in a van. 

BL: Also, because, we’ve seen them a lot, it was definitely the tightest that the’ve ever been. 

NB: Whats the hardest part about being on tour? 

BL: I love it.  I love it a lot to the point where being home is weirder to adjust then being on the road. But we are both on the same page where we could never do the Touche move where they tour like 200 days of the year. We are like a 4/5 months top band. So after this cycle we are just like, ‘alright we are just gonna chill now!’ 

JE: It’s cool to have stuff every day and have a schedule every day and have stuff you like to do.  But sometimes you think like, ‘oh, I’m not gonna be able to go in my room and shut the door for the next 6 weeks’ then you’re like, oh, fuck. If you can enjoy the moment then its awesome. 

NB: Do you ever get sick of each other? 

BL: I think me and him [Jake] butt heads the most but we also make up the fastest. We bicker, bicker is a good work for it. So no real fights. Just like old couples. 

NB: What are you most excited for as a band?

BL: We just announced Fest, so we are very excited.  We are very excited for the summer and playing with the bands we really love, its gonna be very awesome touring with Tiny Moving Parts again.  They taught us how to shot gun beers. 

JE: We had this opportunity like okay, we have 20 days to do a tour, who should we bring? Lets just bring all of our homeboys! 

BL: Sorority Noise, Hotelier, incredible record, and then TMP.  [To Jake] Was the first shot gun you ever did with them?

JE: No, it was in Florida. 

BL: Yeah, the first time we met them, we went into it going like, these dudes drink. A lot. Get stoked. So we got there and they’d be like, ‘Shotgun a beer?’ and we’d be like ‘yeah!’ and I would do it as fast as them and I’d be like, sick, this isn’t gonna be that bad, and they’d be like ‘lets do another’!’ and I was like ‘No!’

JE: They are all so friendly and not pretentious and great people. Its not like “Shot gun this beer now!’ 

BL: When we were playing with them, we definitely wanted to try and get to known them  We love the band, and after they got done I went up to them and I’m like ‘Lets go shotgun beers’ and they’re like ‘Done!’ So we went inside this very tiny space it was between the main building and the outside, so it was like two doors and just shotgun beers.

JE: It was like that room in Matilda with all the spikes.

NB: No Miss Trunchbull though.

JE: No scary lady.

BL: Did you finish the beer?

JE: No.  I still can’t do a whole one. 

shout out to these guys cause they are super rad/ thanks for the interview!


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EP: The Mouthbreathers - Corrupt the Youth

eyyyyy i write this! take a look! 
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Interview with Greta Kline (Frankie Cosmos)

  Last weekend, I got to sit and talk with the (amazing) Greta Kline just before her (amazing) Frankie Cosmos set in Kingston, NY. Though she was sick, she was a mega good sport and sat outside on the cold-ish May night as we talked about what its like to perform and put out music as a female. Also, If you haven’t seen Frankie Cosmos yet, check their tour dates and get yourself to the show closest to you ASAP. 

Nina Braca: I wanted to talk to you about being a female in a pretty male-dominated space, and how you think that effects your music or the people who come to see you.

Greta Kline: Well, I have a lot of feelings about this…you definitely notice that you’re one of the only girls around. I love my band and I feel really happy to have another woman [Gabby Smith] in my band, finally! Which is nice for tour. We were just talking about this last night actually because Gabby’s other band played a show and when they showed up the door guy asked if she was a guest of the band, and she just like “fuck you!” and she just left and came to my show instead. So whenever that happens is when you feel it.  I think that I take stuff personally that isn’t necessarily sexist…but its just assumptions that are made that are definitely really hurtful and shitty. 

NB: So how do you deal with those assumptions?

GK: I guess…I love my female friends who make music and I think its really hard and brave to do that, so I think that by encouraging other women to feel comfortable and safe to make music and share it and play shows is that way I really try and change it.  I hope that if I play a show and chat with a girl who is like ‘I like to play guitar’ I like to be able to say ‘you should totally post it on the internet! do it!’ it sucks that people are discouraged from doing that because of feeling unsafe at a show. I also like to sometimes school the audience and be rude…like if people are being rowdy I’ll say, hey, everybody, shut the fuck up, its my time [laughs].  Sometimes its nice to be the one with the mic! And I really liked joining Porches too because, I’m the only girl in that band, so its nice to change it…not that its really different with a girl, but its just nice to have that dynamic, and everyone agrees that it is so much better to have a tour thats not all just male energy.  And its a pretty versatile group! I think everyone in both bands is a feminist, so its very easy within the bands.  But it can suck, mainly dudes thinking they can just get in your face and talk to you when you’re busy, or people just thinking that you’re just a merch girl or a ‘guest of the band’…its the worst.  I’ve never had that happen to me, luckily.  I just like to make it clear that I am in charge of my band, and make it clear to everyone when I enter a space. This is my band, I am in charge, these are my bandmates, they are important, treat us all well!

NB: Do you ever get negative feedback from that?

GK: There have been a couple times where like,  I felt kind of unsafe.  We played a show where a sound guy grabbed my arm and  was like ‘you’re so skinny how do you carry that bass?’ and I was like ‘fuck you!’ it made me feel so uncomfortable. I wrote a song with a lyric that was like ‘the weird sound guy would never touch a man that way.’ I like to call attention to it when it happens because people need to know that the world is not safe for women…so I like to share those stories and make it known, I think music is a good way.  Its nice that I have a male fan base too, and they are listening and supporting. 

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The Mouthbreathers Review

read my review of The Mouthbreathers new EP on The Le Sigh to learn why it is the greatest thing my ears have heard in a very long time

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LP: Girlpool - Girlpool

read my review of girlpool’s EP from feb on the le sigh!

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Up Yours- 2/22/14

When Stephanie Knipe got involved with Feminists Organizing Real Transformations Here (FORTH) At SUNY Purchase in summer of 2013, she knew exactly what her goal for the 2013-14 school year would be: a feminist festival put together by students. She brought her idea up with Gerard Guy Davis, the FORTH co-president about her desire to throw a feminist fest that would celebrate female-identifying artists and musicians. “We started to discuss our ideas and voila!” 

Up Yours, taking place this Saturday, February 22nd, will be the first FORTH feminist festival to be held at The Stood.  

        “There are so many amazing feminist festivals throughout the country, and Purchase didn’t really have anything like that,” Knipe said. “In our society, [those who aren’t] white cisgender males often don’t have a space to feel safe…so this event is meant to enable these groups to reclaim their space.”

The aim of Up Yours is to change the Stood from a male-dominated space, and let different types of people to feel comfortable in the Stood. “This fest is really important in an outsider point of view, where it will educate others about feminism and feminist theory and safer spaces through workshops and music,” Knipe says. 

Gerard Guy Davis, who has been co-president of FORTH since January 2013, says Stood workers have been on-board with the fest since the beginning. “It’s really awesome that the staff at the Stood this year seem to be pushing for a more diverse showcase of artists, and have done a better job at maintaining The Stood as a safer space.”   Davis hopes that by having the Stood employees more open-minded towards females artists, it will encourage students of all genders to “make music of their own by fighting against the hyper-masculine stigmas so present in punk scenes and music in general”

  "I’ve been comparing our ideas for Up Yours to the image of the asshole dude on the subway spreading his legs out too far," Davis says, "We want to take up as much space in the Stood as possible and force people to recognize and celebrate the talents of women and queer artists."  By the looks of the line-up and the hype about the fest, it doesn’t seem like FORTH will have to force anyone to celebrate. 

this article was originally published in The Load!